SLO: Zombie Apocalypse! Part 4: The End

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  • Song Name: SLO Zombie Apocalypse 4
  • Artist: Shark Liver Oil
  • Year: 2013

Its the twitching shambling climax of Shark Liver Oil's coverage of Zombie Apocalypse! Watch out Hollywood! We discuss the worst but kind of best zombie movie script of all time, the horrors of trying to write a normal story during an outbreak of flesh eating creatures and some of the best and worst zombie novelty music tracks of all time. Come on! Do the Zombie Motion!

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And yes, sorry for the breathy poppy bits in this cast. Matt has a new microphone for next week and Dave's new microphone is winding its way through the depths of the Cambodian jungle as we speak. So don't worry, we're getting it sorted.