SLO: A Game Of Thrones Part 5 - The Wolf And The Lion

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  • Song Name: SLO: A Game Of Thrones Part 5 - The Wolf and The Lion
  • Artist: Shark Liver Oil
  • Year: 2014

Uh oh.. The shit's about to hit the fan as the irrepressible force of House Lannister meets the immovable object of House Stark. We'll be discussing lance busting jousts, badass grandpas and terrifying braziers (there fiery kind). And we end the cast on the most dramatic cliffhanger yet - a bloody fight to the death in the rain soaked streets of Kings Landing. As Ray Arnold said in Jurassic Park.. "Hold on to your butts!"

Shark Liver Oil is a podcast about books. We take each one, break it down into bite size chunks and discuss it page by page. It's the most in depth discussion of the Game of Thrones novels that you'll find in a podcast.*

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