SLO: A Game Of Thrones Part 7 - You Win or You Die

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  • Song Name: SLO: A Game of Thrones Part 7 - You Win or You Die
  • Artist: Shark Liver Oil
  • Year: 2013

It's all about power plays on this week's Shark Liver Oil. Big Ned Stark decides to make his move on the Iron Throne - but can he outwit the sly and ruthless Lannisters? We discuss the folly of mercy, the dangers of boar-baiting and why you should always be extra careful when you're just a few days from retirement.

Shark Liver Oil is a podcast about books. We take each one, break it down into bite size chunks and discuss it page by page. It's the most in depth discussion of the Game of Thrones novels that you'll find in a podcast.*

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