SLO reads A Clash of Kings, Part 10: Valar Morghulis

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  • Song Name: SLO reads A Clash of Kings, Part 10 - Valar Morghulis
  • Artist: Shark Liver Oil

It's the last in our series following the second Game of Thrones book, A Clash of Kings. This time it's the bit of the book that goes with episode 10 of the TV series: Valar Morghulis.

We've got some naked leech war council action. We've got the possibility of a Zombie King. We've got a creep Bride-of-Chucky vibe, at one point; and we've got twists, set-ups and shocks galore. It's Shark Liver Oil; it's George RR Martin; and it's still only the second book. Next up: the book that inspired season 3. 'A Storm of Swords, Part 1: Steel and Snow'.

Get ready. It's on.