Pride & Prejudice 4: Shake That Moneymaker

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  • Song Name: Pride & Prejudice Part 4: Shake That Moneymaker
  • Artist: Shark Liver Oil

We're reached the end of the road for Pride and Prejudice, but it's not going out without a fight. We've got deathmatches; we've got mobster pimps; we've even got Judi Dench's massive biceps. We've got it all - and for this edition, we've got a roundup of the various views from across the internet on this book, from 'I'd marry Darcy, 5 stars' to 'My missus would marry Darcy, zero stars'. And that's before we even get to the theological and political heart of the book, apparently. Oh yes, you get more bounce to the ounce, more bite to the shite with Shark Liver Oil. As ever, email us on, or tweet us @sharkliveroil. Next time, it's The Catcher in the Rye.