Mort Part 3: Forgot About Dre

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  • Song Name: Mort Part 3 - Forgot About Dre
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We've reached the end of our coverage of Terry Pratchett's Mort, and it's all kicking off this week: we've got duels, we've got arcane rituals, we've got 2,000 year bar tabs - and, because we love you, we've also got NOT ONLY rapping BUT ALSO a duet between Death and Death. They've just gone fishin'. Next week we're BACK in Westeros after a year away for the fifth part of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire: A Feast for Crows. Oh yeah. As ever, hit us up with am email at, or on Twitter: @sharkliveroil, with your thoughts, opinions, and fantasy cover versions of jazz classics. See you next week.